Bratislava and Kosice World Ice Hockey Championship 2011 Travel Information

Bratislava is served by the Bratislava Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport (BTS) but also by nearby Vienna International Airport (VIE) in Schwechat, some 60 km from Bratislava. Other feasible airport options are Budapest in Hungary and Brno in the Czech Republic.

Kosice is served by its own airports (KSC) but is also convenient to Budapest (BUD) and Poprad in the High Tatras. This makes it very straightforward to reach, and Kosice and other regions in the country are all well-served by air travel.

Whether you are coming here for business or you are taking time off and plan to stay everywhere from Europe to hostels in New York, you can now relax knowing that the route here will not be excessively complex. It is a great place to visit and you will be set up at your accommodation in no time at all after leaving the airport, so feel free to plan ahead unless you are someone who tends to recuperate at the hotel for the rest of the first day.

Bratislava and Kosice are connected with Danube Wings flights (about 45 minutes) and by trains, which take around five hours.